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Al Ain (city). Al Ain is a community placed in the east of Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is renowned for its gorgeous environment. Al Ain has great hospitality, safe and clean places to stay as well as clean hotels. Palma. Palma is a nearby restaurant serving a range of dishes which are standard. It is placed inside the Grand Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Palma offers a number of Emirati dishes including kebabs, kabob, salads, and Emirati food items like as shahida (vegetables), and also khubz (rice).

Palma is open 7 days each week. There is simply no common cuisine in Abu Dhabi.e. There’s only Abu Dhabi food, with a broad variation according to area. Each residential general vicinity will have its own local dishes that appeal to its foods. Most commonly seen dishes are Lebanese, Indian, Egyptian, Persian, and Arabian. Some of the major dishes which can be found include: The market place is situated at the center of Abu Dhabi and is the ideal spot to shop for goods.

You should go here if you want to get very good deals on many products. This souq is a great place to invest in gold, silver, and any other precious metals. While you are there it is also easy to get genuine gold jewellery, bags and watches. Souq Waqif is renowned for its fine carpets, beautiful embroidery and hand-painted glass, but if you’re looking to buy carpets or perhaps silver or gold jewelry, you must look at the carpet souk. All of these retailers sell quality carpets and they will help you pick what kind of carpet is perfect for you.

The carpet makers and merchants in this specific souq will tell you how a rug is made plus the quality of the product. For those who actually like shopping, this is an excellent location since you have everything available right here in one market. If you are a tourist then the Souq Waqif is one of many great locations in the UAE to purchase souvenirs which offers an incredibly broad range of expert services. Nigella. Nigella is a Lebanese restaurant serving pretty traditional Lebanese dishes.

It’s set inside the Abu Dhabi Mall. Nigella serves Lebanese dishes such as fava beans, chicken stew, hummus, roasted potatoes, and Lebanese kibbeh. Nigella is open seven days each week. Just how much will you save? It’s important to look at the total price of the activities you want to do, so you are able to ensure that you’re investing as cash that is much as is possible on your journey. You can save money by taking 1 day trip to Al Ain instead of a long distance flight. Nonetheless, this will suggest that you will have to purchase the flight, along with the entry fee together with the travel back and forth from the airport.

Khamri. Khamri is a Lebanese restaurant serving a range of traditional dishes. It’s placed inside the Khalifa Tower in Abu Dhabi.


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